Headshots that boost your career?

We don’t always get middle-aged or experienced people in front of our lens. Sometimes we meet people who understand the power of their image at the beginning of their careers. A perfect example is Philip. An incredibly bright guy, passionate about taking things into his own hands. After a few years working as a consultant […]

How redundant is your Linkedin profile picture?

Why is a professional headshot so important? We often still see holiday photos or pictures of parties, with or without children, as profile pictures on Linkedin. While it is sometimes nice to show that you like to travel or have beautiful children, these photos usually add little value to your profile.On Facebook, this is all […]

12 Tips for the perfect professional headshot

Fotograaf Kwinten Verspeurt

How to take the best profile picture … ever? Your profile picture is the very first thing that stands out on your profile. Whether it’s Linkedin, Instagram, Teams or even Facebook. It shouldn’t be the only thing that stands out, but it is still the very most important part of your profile.It’s that little picture […]

The power of a good “about us” page?

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What is the power of a good ABOUT US page? You know how it goes. You’re at a party, and you meet someone who seems really interesting.But then, after getting to know them for a few minutes, they tell you they work at a big company. Suddenly, the spark is gone.That’s because people hate corporate […]