Strong headshot for professional first impression

“A strong first impression that ensures your voice is even more valuable and will be heard when you sit around the table with them.”

Ashley desperately needed a powerful profile picture.
And we absolutely managed to create some awesome headshots!

As a “Project Manager in welding solutions”, Ashley has a strong affinity with the petrochemical sector, where piping and precision welding are essential. Having spent years on the shop floor, Ashley has experienced first-hand how a large construction project should and can run. Coordination and precision work are in his blood.

Portret Ashley - Profielfoto consultant

Young talented people often quickly become involved in the organisational and practical aspects of a large project. The same was true for Ashley. However, when you sit at the table as a ‘young guy’ in a tough construction world, you are quickly viewed with disdain.

In a world where everyone is straightforward and assertively stands up for their views, as a twenty-something you also need to make an experienced and confident first impression to be taken seriously. The place where you usually get noticed first is on LinkedIn, your website or a picture in your e-mail signature. It is therefore essential that you have a powerful profile picture there that has the right presence. Finding the right look for this is therefore very important!

For this reason, we created a powerful profile photo for Ashley with a confident look.
In my opinion, the operation was successful!
Well done, Ashley!

This story highlights the importance of a professional profile photo taken by a photographer specialising in headshots, for a strong image. Ashley’s story illustrates how a powerful busineszs headshot can help overcome bias and create a confident first impression. Stressing that the headshot is often the first thing others see of you on platforms such as LinkedIn, websites and email signatures, it highlights the need for a strong presence on these channels. It concludes with a call to action for more information on how to get a powerful profile picture.



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