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“We unleash the power of your professional image and believe in the power of intense connections!
We understand that business portraits are more than just photos; Our goal is to create visual stories that should reflect your unique personality and professionalism.”


At FOTOSTUDIO KWINTEN, we believe in the power of authenticity. We capture your true self in powerful business portraits and profile photos that exude self-assurance, accessibility and confidence.
No experience with posing? No problem. We guide you step by step so that your authentic personality is reflected in the photos. We want your headshots to communicate directly with your target audience, leaving a lasting impression.
Our approach is personal, professional and fuss-free. We dive deeper into your story and capture the essence of you as a professional. Together, we create images that tell your story and make an impact in your professional world.
Choose our studio and discover how your image opens doors, builds trust and makes an impact.

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Kwinten Verspeurt


Portrait photographer // owner

Kwinten Verspeurt

Obsessed with light, perfection in a visually charged image and the ideal quote to bring out a smile in you. He also has an obsession with body language and microexpression, which obviously comes in handy as a headshot photographer.

As a passionate entrepreneur and experienced leader, he understands the challenges, dreams and passion of other entrepreneurs and management professionals.

Having already enjoyed a fine career as a portrait photographer at FOTOSTUDIO KWINTEN, he was selected to receive an exclusive 4-day training at the world’s No 1 in headshot photography in 2021.


Stylist & Assistent photographer

Graduated as an interior designer before studying as a stylist. Fond of her daughters Lily and Anna, her boyfriend Kwinten and hot chocolate. Has a slight obsession with aesthetics and perfection. Always looking for extra time to cook, collect memories, pick out cookbooks and look for things with that little extra something....


Make-up artist

A social whirlwind you can definitely call her, just about everyone is at ease with her. As make-up artists, An and her team are keen on details, perfection and, above all, making our clients feel good. An gives everyone not only an upgrade of their look, but also a very nice me-time moment as de-stressing upon arrival in our studio.


Make-up artist

After several years working for Make-up producer M.A.C., she has been freelancing with us for a few years now. Emiline is not only a talent with make-up brushes and skin colours; she is also incredibly sweet, discreet, always very punctual and an exceptionally talented singer.
A real winner!
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