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the essence of your personality in focus

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Through proper make-up & styling, coaching and feedback, we ensure to make the very best version of yourself into a professional business portrait.

Confident appearance

A good profile picture should be one where you show as you want to be. Full of experience, confident but still approachable.

first impression

How do you want people to see you? That question is essential to determine what first impression we are going to create with your professional profile photos.

"Highly recommended"

"From the first to literally the last moment, you get excellent first-class service from Kwinten and Tine. As soon as you enter the studio, Tine and Kwinten immediately put you at ease in their studio (after all, you're a little curious about how such a professional photo shoot works) and start an intake meeting in a cosy room with a delicious coffee. Gradually during this conversation, it becomes clear that, with all the information obtained, they look for how you want to come across in the photo. The choice of clothes (after all, you brought several types of clothes) is also based on these findings and Tine makes the perfect selection. Soon, you are also at ease during the shoot, with regular "behind-the-scenes" looks at the preliminary result. So it doesn't take long for us to choose the perfect photos together, where the meticulous attention to detail stands out, both during the shoots and when viewing the photos. I am extremely satisfied with the result and highly recommend Tine and Kwinten!"
Business portrait manager
Guy Van Gaever
General Manager Macadam Belgium

your business profile picture

Profielfoto Natasja Kuipers - Zakelijk portret - Fotostudio Kwinten

Linkedin picture that speaks out

I never look good in photos‘ we hear all too often.
Through proper styling & make-up, coaching and feedback, we ensure that we turn the very best version of yourself into a professional business portrait.
Be aware that this profile photo / headshot is the very first thing everyone sees of you. This is where your first impression is created.

leadership in focus

A good profile picture should be one where you show as you want to be or be seen. Full of experience, the right look, confident but still approachable.

At the start of the session, the photographer will work with you to find exactly what look this should be. Of course, we do this during a nice chat with a delicious cup of coffee or tea….

Profielfoto Ivan Letar - Fotostudio Kwinten
Business portrait - Wilca Decor - Shana

ideal for

how we create your perfect profile photo

Styling & make-up

Tine will work with you to choose the right clothes that perfectly match your look. You can also opt for make-up by our make-up artists.


Kwinten coaches you to pose and look the right way to appear confident and approachable in your headshot.


During the shoot, we will choose the very best photos together, which will be edited and delivered afterwards

Our clients

Some of our happy costumers

Our Team


Master Portrait Photographer

Obsessed by light, bodylanguage, perfection in a visually charged image and the ideal quote to bring out a smile in you.

After a fine career as a portrait photographer, he was selected to receive an exclusive 4-day training at the world’s No 1 in headshot photography in 2021 and again in 2023.

Styliste Tine


Stylist &
Photography assistant

Once graduated as an interior designer before studying as a stylist.
Fond of her daughters Lily and Anna, her boyfriend Kwinten and hot chocolate. Has a slight obsession with aesthetics and perfection.
Always looking for extra time to cook, collect memories, pick out cookbooks and look for things with that little extra something….


Make-up artist

Call her a social whirlwind, just about everyone is at ease with her. As make-up artists, An and her team are keen on details, perfection and, above all, making our clients feel good. An gives everyone not only an upgrade of their look, but also a very nice me-time moment as de-stressing upon arrival in our studio.
She’s awesome!

We must be doing something right

"Very nice experience and personalised approach. The introductory conversation about the purpose of the business portrait immediately created for an open atmosphere where time is taken to get acquainted meet and discuss wishes. I felt immediately at home. at home. The clothing advice and the make-up artist helped for the perfect picture. Thanks to Kwinten's critical eye for beautiful Kwinten's critical eye for beautiful images, you get tips and instructions for the right posture and look into the lens. (I am not a photo model after all). The result was shared immediately so that adjustments could be made where where necessary and to work in a focused way. One downside was the stress of choosing between so many beautiful images is not easy. Fortunately, Kwinten and Tine also help from Kwinten and Tine."
Melisande C.
Project Manager DEME Group
"Fotostudio Kwinten is 'the place to be' for business portraits and profile photos you want to use for your LinkedIn profile or other business purposes. Very professional approach in all areas such as e.g. adapted space to change clothes, closed door during the appointment to be able to devote the necessary time and attention to the photo session, ... Moreover, a very nice couple who give you a warm welcome and who do their utmost to really make the most of it. Thanks and until next time !"
Inge De Roovere
CEO Aluro Group
"I found the right partner at photography studio Kwinten for my business portraits and my Linkedin profile picture. Besides a warm and spontaneous welcome, they thought creatively with me and took extensive time to try out different settings. Through the instructions they gave me during the photo shoot, I noticed that they are professionals in their field who go for that one photo that makes the difference."

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